Truth and Reconciliation in 28 Countries – latest edition of student-authored textbook

The latest version of this textbook on truth commissions, written by Bishop’s University students, is now published. Students write Wikipedia articles for their course work and the articles are then published in book form. This project is possible thanks to the Wiki Educational Foundation.

Wiki Edu wrote about the previous edition in 2018:

Wikipedia is a unique platform through which to engage students. They learn to collaborate with each other and with other Wikipedia users as they distill course topics into concise, well-researched, heavily cited articles for the general public. The exercise strengthens research, writing, collaboration, and digital literacy skills – all while providing a public service. Students make academic information (often restricted behind paywalls) available to anyone with internet connection worldwide. Wikipedia is the ultimate open educational resource.

New articles in this edition include items on Peru, Algeria, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Myanmar and Maine / Wabanaki confederacy. Articles can be read via Wikipedia by clicking the links below. The book can be previewed and ordered via Pedia Press.

Truth and Reconciliation in 28 Countries … Contents

Truth and reconciliation commission


Latin America

National Commission of Inquiry Into Disappearances

Truth Commission for El Salvador

Historical Clarification Commission

Truth and Reconciliation Commission (Peru)

The Haitian National Truth and Justice Commission

Honduras Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Panama Truth Commission

Truth and reconciliation in Colombia


Equity and Reconciliation Commission

Commission of Inquiry in Algeria

Truth and Justice Commission

International Commission of Investigation on Human Rights Violations in Rwanda since October 1, 1990

National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (Rwanda)

Truth Commission (Chad)

Truth and Reconciliation commission DRC

National Reconciliation Commission

The Human Rights Violation Investigation Commission of Nigeria

Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission


Nepalese Truth Commission (1990-1991)

Philippines Truth Commission

Jeju 4.3 Committee

Indonesia–Timor Leste Commission of Truth and Friendship

Truth and Reconciliation in Cambodia

Truth and reconciliation in Myanmar

Northern countries

Truth and Reconciliation Commission (Germany)

Commission of Truth and Reconciliation (Yugoslavia)

Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Maine Wabanaki-State Truth and Reconciliation Commission


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