Unfinished business: Timor-Leste truth commission recommendations to the international community

In 2005, the Timor-Leste Commission on Truth, Reception and Reconciliation issued its report, Chega! (Enough!). It listed dozens of recommendations to the Timorese government and Timorese society, many of which are in the process of being carried out.

There were also ten recommendations to the international community, which addressed research, dissemination of information, and actions on

  • reparative justice for the near-genocide in Timor-Leste (175-99) carried out with international complicity and support
  • recognition of victims and the country’s true history
  • ending impunity for human rights violators
  • human rights conditionality

The recommendations on dissemination and research have seen some movement. Those on action have so far been deliberately ignored by the international community. The Chega! international recommendation tracker (CIRT), in development, keeps track of the progress of these recommendations. It finds 3 of 15 recommendations to be implemented or in progress (ongoing). All of these were directed to the Timorese government. Another 3 are unknown so far. The majority, requiring action and addressed to other governments, have seen no response (incomplete).

Or to put it in graphic terms, more than half of the recommendations to the international community have seen no action in more than 12 years since the report was issued. This includes 100% of the recommendations addressed to foreign governments.

The recommendations, their topic area, their state of implementation, and additional details appear in the tables blow. A downloadable version is at the end of this post. This is work in progress and will be modified as new information becomes available.

To view the full tracer in pdf, click here to download: Chega intl recommendation tracker.